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Are you currently, or have you previously been in the mining industry?

Why you should use us for your tax return:

Do you want to ensure you are getting the best refund you can? Do you know how to comply with the complicated tax rules about allowances for fly-in/fly out or drive in/drive out workers?  That’s where we can help.

  • Experience. We have tax specialists with specific training in the tax issues related to mining, and with experience in the mining industry.
  • Trusted. You have the comfort to know we are part of the Findex Group.
  • Committed. We have been servicing clients for over 15 years with Same Day Tax.
  • Timely. We understand you may have commitments to exercises, deployments, family and mates. So we can do your tax return at times that fit for you.
  • Growing Wealth. We have specialists who can assist you in planning to grow your wealth in the future.
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