What you need to bring

For us to be able to process your Same Day Tax Refund, you need to bring:

  1. Previous years Notice of Assessment (new Pinnacle Same Day Tax Refund clients only)
  2. Employer Payment Summary
  3. Bank Details
  4. Centrelink PAYG Summary or Customer Access Number (CAN) (if applicable)
  5. Details of spouse's income and date of birth (if applicable)
  6. Expense receipts (if applicable)
  7. Motor vehicle logbook (if applicable)
  8. Details of bank interest recieved (if applicable)
  9. Centrelink payment summaries (if applicable)
  10. Share information (if applicable)
  11. Private health insurance information (if applicable)
  12. Details of rental income (if applicable)
    1. Details of income received
    2. Interest paid (from bank statements)
    3. Rates and land tax
    4. Insurance
    5. Repairs and maintenance
    6. Agents fees

The following items may mean that we are unable to provide a same day service:

  • Large Business Schedules
  • Complex Capital Gains calculations
  • If you have not lodged previous years tax returns
  • If any money is owed to Findex, the Australian Taxation Office or any other Government agency

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